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Zipp Handlebar Gel Pads


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Zipp’s handlebar gel pad set is a fast and easy way to minimize the countless vibrations caused when cycling over rough roads, bumps or down small potholes. They soften the blow to your hands (palms) making for a more comfortable ride.Zipp Handlebar Pad Set Gel includes one left and one right pad, complete with instructions in a pack of 2. Perfect for any cyclist.

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Zipp’s Handlebar Gel Pad Set is a fast, easy way to minimize the countless bumps and vibrations from riding on less-than-perfect roads. This pack of two precision-shaped silicone gel contours to the tops of drop-style handlebars. Without tape on the bar, roll back your brake hoods and place the specially designed gel strips on the top of the bar from where the brake is attached to the handlebar. Simply rewrap your bar tape over the gel and enjoy the smooth ride.

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