• If you have a tick. you'll want to remove it as promptly as possible and remove all parts of its body. This tick remover is ergonomically designed to remove ticks efficiently without leaving the head buried under the skin.Lyme disease transmitted via ticks has become an increasing problem in Europe. Although preventative measures can be taken. occasionally ticks will attach themselves to you. Made from high-quality stainless steel. these tick tweezers allow the whole tick to be removed safely.
  • The bite relief click is a pocket sized device which soothes the discomfort and itching of insect bites.the device 5-10 times around the area of the bite has the effect of localising the poison and inhibiting the histamine release which causes the itch. This helps neutralize the toxicity of the mosquito bite with no harmful effect on the surrounding skin. thus reducing inflammation and swelling. A pulsating current is produced by the bite relief clicking action. which is generated from naturally sourced quartz crystal. A charge is achieved by the expansion and contraction of a piezo crystal generating a low amperage electrical discharge of around 13kV. Each device can treat up to 1.000 bites/10.000 clicks.
  • Mosquito Head Net - Olive Drab Color. Made From 100% Polyester Material. It protects head. face and neck! Ideal protection on fishing/camping trips. etc. Easily folded and carried in pocket!
  • For all types of Lamps including Kerosene lamps and Garden torch.
  • It allows you to start your barbecue Safely in record time.
  • Igloo Eda Jerrican

    A jerry can with a tap. Equipped with strong walls. a vent cap and a movable tap for tapping possibilities.Very sturdy and robust jerry can.Jerrycan is equipped with a strong handle.With a reliable tap and vent cap
  • Igloo Maxcold Ice Gel Pack uses non-toxic Ultratherm gel for extended cooling performance. Each reusable pouch contains 8-ounces of freezable gel. Soft pouch molds to fit around items for localized intense cold. Made in USA.
  • No more melted ice in your food and drinks! MaxCold Freezer Blocks contain freezable gel in permanently sealed heavy-duty puncture-resistant plastic. They are ideal for use in soft side coolers or wherever melted ice is undesirable. In addition to uses with food and drinks they are handy for supplying localized intense cold for minor injuries.
  • Igloor Island BreezeT Cooler is a new all-purpose cooler designed for comfort. performance and style. Great for outdoors. sports and events. lunch. Featuring Cool Riser TechnologyT improves cooling performance. Ergonomic curved back for carrying comfort. Slotted lid for easy stacking. Swing up handle with 3 grab/carry points for one handed carrying.
  • Ezetil Ice Akku j‚gakku 2 x 220 g.