• Developed to neutralize the stinging cells of jellyfish our solution suspends any remaining pain causing nematocysts from firing.ÿ Rinse the injury with salt water only and apply our safe and effective sting solution for 3-5 minutes to de-activate the jellyfish sting and simply scrape away the pain.
  • Die-cast zinc alloy CamJam tensioning mechanism with nickel plate finish and protective pad .Sewn-in color coded tags for strap length identificatioWebbing capture ring on cam mechanism allows for controlled tension release.
  • Nite Ize Flashlight Accessories help you store. hang. shine clip fasten hold and use your flashlight in ways you would never think possible.
  • The KeyRing is a simple. handy. and secure way to organize and carry your keys. Its solid. continuous stainless steel ring comes with six #.5 stainless steel S-Biners that are perfectly sized to hold six separate keys. or use one to attach the whole unit to a second key ring. belt loop. purse strap. or zipper pull. The S-Biners remove and reattach quickly and securely. making it easy to share keys with family members. valets. babysitters. or for taking a single key with you when you're out for a run or ride. More S-Biners can be ordered separately; the KeyRing can hold plenty of them.
  • Twist-up eyecups adapt the binoculars easily to observers with or without spectacles; diopter compensation is standard.The 8x42 has Bak-4 prisms and is fully multi coated. This allows for color fidelity and high contrast.The objective cap system allows for quick opening and closing; additionally it can be completely removed easily. Furthermore. a tripod connection thread is integrated.
  • National Geographic 8x42 waterproof binocular The 8x42 are very versatile Roof binoculars: waterproof handy and a product of craftsmanship with high quality in mind.
  • Our field-tested 8-x-40 binoculars bring a century's worth of our experience to your field expeditions. These top-in-their-classÿwaterproof binoculars feature precision optics with full multi coatings toÿenhance brightness contrast sharpness and colour accuracy. Porro BaK-4ÿprisms provideÿedge-to-edgeÿillumination making these ideal not only forÿbirders but also for low-light viewing and astronomy. They boast a rugged.ÿrubber-armored water-resistant body; comfortable long eye relief a 469-foot-wide view at 1.000 yards and the ability to focus on objects just 15 ÿfeet away. Strap and case included.Technical Specifications.
  • This spotting scope includes a 60x magnification. so you can observe and discover the Nature around you. It features an infinitely adjustable magnification from 20x to 60x. For better stability. you can use the included tripod.
  • Nearly all modernÿstand up paddle boardsÿhave an air vent installed on the deck. Air vents are used as a way to help prevent delamination of the epoxy resin from the EPS foam blank. When delamination occurs it creates huge air bubbles underneath the shell. This causes the shell to become brittle and can crack when stepped on. Delamination happens when pressure builds up inside the board. Primarily the pressure build up is caused by two things: heat and altitude changes.
  • This electric SUP pump is designed to work with Naish inflatable SUP boards as an alternative to the hand pump included. The Naish Electric SUP pump hooks to any car battery. Over inflating your inflatable SUP board can lead to mis-shaping over time so this pump is specially designed to max out a set pressure that won't over inflate your SUP. Save time and energy setting up your SUP to ride with the Naish Electric SUP pump.