• Zoggs Zoggy Swim Ring is a great learn to swim aid, encouraging children to kick in the water and develop their swimming ability. The ring will sit around their chest allowing their arms to be free to paddle about. The Swim Ring is ideal for added support
  • The zoggs zoggy inflatable noodle is perfect for the beach or swimming pool and features a lovely, colorful design. It utilizes a single air chamber with easy inflate non-return safety valve and is very easy to pack. The noodle is designed to aid swimming
  • Where has Zoggy gone? Dive to find Zoggy the seal with our Dive Rings game a great way to encourage and build confidence in the water. This dive and retrieve pool game consists of 3 Zoggy rings which can be thrown into the water to land at the bottom of the pool children can race to collect them or even see if they can collect all 3 at once! Perfect for developing competent skills with fun and competition. The rings are weighted in the feet to help them land upright and be easier for children to collect.
  • Our Zoggy Backfloat is designed to create buoyancy whilst your child is actively trying to swim. The adjustable strap goes across the chest for a secure fit. The Backfloat is perfect for giving children more independence in the water but children should still be closely supervised for safety. Other key benefits are that it supports with body position as well as independent arm and leg movement. There are removable layers in the float allowing you to remove one layer at a time which will reduce buoyancy as your child gains confidence in the water
  • Zoggs new Ultra Blue Finz feature a short blade with dual density weight. The foot is soft & malleable for comfort while the blade is slim & rigid allowing for optimum propulsion through the water. Ultra Blue Finz are also lightweight which results in a more balanced and natural rhythmic kick as well as a reduction in muscle fatigue on the calves so swimmers are less likely to experience cramping post swim. Can be used with a kickboard allowing you to focus solely on improving your kick.
  • These fun splash balls from Zoggs are a great toy for fun in the pool. Great for using as water bombs, playing catch or throw and retrieve, they're a great source of enjoyment and will boost confidence in the water.Each pack contains three foam splash.
  • Zoggs silicone swimming ear plugs are soft & pliable for ultra comfort and confidence during each and every swim.
  • Take to the lanes in our Zoggs Predator Goggles offering fantastic durability with our unique Bio-Tech? frame technology a long lasting design with soft silicone gaskets offering a superb and comfortable fit. The clear lenses offer CLT? Curved Lens Technology for 180 degree peripheral vision Fogbuster? anti-fog and maximum UV protection for fantastic clarity. These goggles are ideal for indoor swimming and low level light conditions and offer an easy adjust double band strap to significantly reduce pressure around the eyes perfect for everyday training.
  • Legendary one size fits all Soft-SealTM frame with quick adjust strap system for smaller faces.
  • At Zoggs, we believe that little ones should be introduced to water at an early age, and given all the support they need to build their confidence. Our learn to swim products are designed and categorised to suit your child's stage of swim development.
  • Our Zoggs Little Comet Daisy swimming goggles are a cute one-piece goggle featuring maximum UVA and UVB sun protection, Fogbuster anti-fog and easy adjust straps. The split-yoke strap gives added comfort and reduces pressure on the face.
  • Zoggs Adult Latex Pool Socks will give you added grip and protection whilst in and around the pool and also offer protection from infection like athletes foot and verrucas. Soft latex for a comfortable fit and a slip resistant dimpled sole.