• Manduka eKO 5 mm Yoga Mat represents a bright future for the eco-friendly yoga mat. It leaves behind no footprint in landfills, but will definitely make a lasting impression in the studio. These natural rubber mats use a toxic-free softening process and are completely free of harmful foaming agents and plasticizers found in other mats.
  • The Rumi Sun Mat is your natural space to focus. Natural rubber sap is extracted from the bark of farm-grown trees. Only shallow incisions are made on the bark to ensure the trees have a long & healthy life. The sap is then used to form an open-cell foam yoga mat. The rubber characteristically gives you a secure grip to the floor. The top surface is designed with a combination of rubber & fabric to last longer and give you an easy grip while you practice.
  • Suria Foam Block offers ease and comfort with their durable and soft foam blocks for use on any surface. They are light weight and easy to store.
  • Whether you’re hanging from an aparatus. gripping equipment or sliding off your yoga mat. ToeSox Grip Gloves will securely keep your hands in place. When traveling. ditch your yoga mat but not your yoga practice. Pair ToeSox with Grips with new ToeSox Grip Gloves and stick to your yoga practice.
  • Dance inspired Plie has a perfectly positioned leather pad that provides superior traction for turns and stops while cushioning the metatarsal head during lands and releves. Half toe design lets toes touch surface for a more barefoot experience. Five toe design allows toes to move and spread naturally. Partial patented grip provides superior foot placement. Fitted heel keeps sock in place to eliminate bunching and twisting. Made with organic cotton. Open foot design feels barely there. Leather pad comforts metatarsal head from repeated impact with floor and provides the perfect traction.
  • Tough is the new pretty. These low rise all sport socks are designed to keep you cool and go the distance. Raised heel tab to pad Achilles tendon,the vector heel creates defined heel cup for optimal fit. Vented knit top allows for faster cooling and moisture release. Arch band provides gentle pressure to lift support. The Seamless five toe construction promotes circulation, removes moisture, eliminates friction and blisters between toes.
  • Ballet-inspired, barely there, barefoot experience. For all barefoot activities like barre, Pilates, yoga, and dance. Stick To Your Practice™.It gives patented non-slip grip that keeps your feet in place. Its Five- toe design allows toes to move and spread naturally. It is indeed a hygienic alternative to bare feet. Fitted heel keeps sock in place to eliminate bunching and twisting. Made with organic cotton Unisex sizing Low profile design fits below the ankle Open foot design feels barely there
  • Absorbent and quick drying, the eQua® Hand Yoga Towel is the perfect accessory for any yogi or fitness guru who likes to work up a sweat.
  • This organic cotton hand towel will be ideal to use after you sweat out on your daily yoga exercises. It provides good sweat absorption and it is designed to provide easy grip. It is also easy to wash and dry. It is easy to carry, easy to clean and maintain. It is bio degradable.
  • Designed to fit the entire yoga mat and shaped ergonomically to be balanced on the shoulder.
  • Our 500ml bottles is vacuum insulated double walled stainless steel. 
  • 9" long x 6" wide x 4" thick - Sold Individually.Soft, scratch-resistant exterior surface with beveled edges for added comfort.Lightweight and extremely durable material Ideal for deep poses and stretches.Don't be fooled by imposters! Only YogaAccessories