Stand Up Paddle

>>Stand Up Paddle
  • Inspired from the racing world, these boards are designed to perform in all kind of conditions: flat, ocean or even across a beach break. They are developed using numerous criterions such as speed on flat or choppy water, cross wind stability, ability to catch the bumps downwind, directional control.
  • The Naish One is designed for flat water cruising, touring, racing and speed. It can handle just about any sized person with ease and is extremely stable. Good for beginners to intermediate riders.
  • At 32inch wide, the Mana 11.2inch GSX features an extra wide outline through the nose, midsection and tail for a stable, yet versatile shape great for all-around cruising, learning the basics and even riding small waves.
  • Paddle boarding is one of the most soothing and relaxing sports out there. However, getting started can be rather challenging for a lot of folks. Once you decided that you want to go paddle boarding, you find yourself in front of a huge decision table.
  • Ideal for riders up to 250 lbs/113 kg
  • This great shape blends nice glide with good stability. Suitable for day trips, yoga sessions and fitness workouts. NO PADDLE INCLUDED but carry on straps, leash, bag, and pump are included. The increased waterline and higher volume makes the 11’2″x32″ a top Tikhine choice for riders above 70 kg. The new Tikhine ladies line is an irresistible choice, bringing to the water exciting performance with timeless style.
  • Blade Material: Carbon Fibre. Blade Surface: Glossy. Fixed Length Shaft Material: 100% Carbon Fibre. Adjustable Shaft Material: 70%
  • This electric SUP pump is designed to work with Naish inflatable SUP boards as an alternative to the hand pump included. The Naish Electric SUP pump hooks to any car battery. Over inflating your inflatable SUP board can lead to mis-shaping over time so this pump is specially designed to max out a set pressure that won't over inflate your SUP. Save time and energy setting up your SUP to ride with the Naish Electric SUP pump.
  • The Alana is designed specially for women who want a lightweight paddle that offers outstanding performance for racing, wave riding and touring.
  • The Race LE is designed for riders who want the lightest, stiffest and most powerful performance-oriented race paddle.  
  • This paddle is easy to transport and adjust on the fly.
  • Sale SUP inflatable air ( inflatables ) of the best brands like Naish, RRD, Starboard, Hobie, JP, Fanatic .... These Stand Up Paddles are ideal for the sailboat (as an alternative to the tender) or to carry with you in a camper. Their dimensions are reduced: they are inflatable boards that can be rolled up inside a backpack. It will be very easy and simple to transport them to the sea, the river or the lake with both a bicycle and a scooter. They are ideal SUP boards for rental, suitable for the whole family. An absolute novelty for beach resorts, campsites and resorts.