• BBB LightSpace BHP-36 aluminium are available in 4-pieces 1-1/8 5/10/15 / 20mm. BBB aluminum Spacerset Light Space Set with 4 ultralight spacers made of extra lightweight aluminum of 5mm 10mm 15mm 20mm. It allows height adjustment of threadless stems.
  • BBB Bottle Autotank

    AED 49AED 59
    The ease of use of a hydration pack without actually having a hydration pack on your back. That was the idea behind the AutoClose valve on BBB's new AutoTank water bottle. Grab it and drink from it as simple as that. The AutoClose works similar to a valve on a hydration bladder. It lets water through when you want it to and is always ready for another thirsty sip. Yet it prevents any spills or drips when it's rattling along in your frame.
  • BBB UniHold BBC-95 Adapter for Bottle Cage Universal aluminum seatpost and handlebar clamp. Can be used to fix a bottle cage bag etc.
  • BBB Brake Cable Set is specifically designed to be compatible with Shimano MTB brake systems.They are pre-coated liner with special polymer compound for reduced friction. The pre lubricated core liner gives you the perfect greased cable right out of the box. as well as Pre-stretched Slick-Stainless inner cables with low friction surface for excellent responsiveness.
  • BBB Brake Pads Avid Juicy are high performance disc brake pads. They are compatible with Avid mechanical 2002-2004, Ball Bearing 7, Juicy 7, Juicy 5, Juicy 3, Ultimate and Promax DSK-950.
  • BBB Brakeshoes Black Compound are light weight and has fully adjustable braking system from the braking masters Kool Stop. Alloy holder allowing the exact positioning of the friction materials. The friction inserts interlock together and are secured on all sides.
  • Compatible with: BBB CrossStop (BBS-11T), BBB TechStop (BBS-22HP/22T), Shimano 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace and SRAM. BBB Brakeshoes Carbstop Shimano are high performance brake pads for carbon fiber rims. It has special compound for increased brake performance and durability compared to normal brakes. Prevents overheating, more brake power under extreme conditions.
  • BBB Roadstop Deluxe Brake Pads are dual-function brake pads. It gives superior performance at all weather conditions. It has optimum water removal due to special aqua-guide system. Anti-squeal design. Special compound for optimum gripping power and minimal wear Available in 2 pairs per set.
  • BBB Brakeshoes Techstop are lightweight, open and cartridge-type brakeshoe.It is available in one compound in three colors for the ultimate look. It features a pad design with three seperate braking stages: Stage 1 provides excellent grip with minimal wear. Stage 2 prevents mud and dust from building up on the pads. Stage 3 eliminates brake squal. Compatible with most Shimano / SRAM brake systems. Available in black, 2 pairs per set.
  • 6061 T6 aluminum bracket with mounts for two CO2 cartridges. Can be mounted under the bottle cage. Weight: 11 grams. Color: matt black.
  • Water bottles and cages are essential items for your bike fluid replenishment is essential for long term activities and fitting a water bottle and cage to your bike is the perfect way of keeping you hydrated. Studies show that loss of fluid equal to 2% of your body mass is sufficient to cause a significant decrease in performance. Bottle cages have also received the lightweight treatment with materials such as carbon titanium and alloy often used. These cages will accept water bottles from 500ml up to 1000ml making it possible to carry 2000ml of fluid on your bike. It's also worth using an Energy drink whilst riding as these will help replace minerals lost through sweating.