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Shortii Electric Skateboard

Shortii Electric Skateboard
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3,500 AED


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You want an electric board that can handle it all, right? The Shortii has been developed for the all-round board stylist, and those who demand maximum flexibility from their board. FiiK designers Dan and Mat Quinn made sure The Shortii combined essential performance characteristics into one board: power, deck configuration, premium performance wheelbase, speed, range, and acceleration

Features & Benefits

  • LED Head/Tail Lights
  • Power Plant: High-torque - rapid acceleration to top speed
  • standard sealed lead acid battery
  • Wheels: Lightweight polished aluminum alloy street rims
  • Tyres: High-density rubber - grippy, durable, strong
  • System Safety: Low-voltage cut-off switch, with heat overload fuse protection sensor
  • Max Load: 120kg
  • Top Speed: 32kph
  • Battery: Rechargeable, memory-free, deep-cycle, high-output battery pack. Quick-release, 20-second battery exchange
  • Pistol-Grip controller: Wireless (Proximity activated)
  • Stepless digital throttle, with Tri-Speed selector
  • Three speed settings to give you progressive control for confident skills development
  • ABS Braking: Anti-Lock, Controller-Activated-Braking. Regenerative technology helps increase ride-time