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Energy Gel Triberry

Energy Gel Triberry
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    10 AED

    Item No: 023991

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    This product provides you with premium-quality, easily absorbed and long-lasting energy that every athlete and fitness enthusiast needs to sustain the body for long miles of running and long hours of working out. It is easily digested and it works quickly. It also maintains your blood sugar at its ideal level to ensure a successful workout session throughout.

    Features & Benefits

    • Contains electrolytes to keep your body properly hydrated
    • Antioxidant compounds are included to help delay muscle tissue damage
    • Also contains amino acids that help in delaying muscle fatigue
    • Eat one packet about 15 minutes before your workout
    • Then take a packet every 35-35 minutes during activity to sustain your energy followed by a few mouthfuls of water or hydration drink