A dedicated and safe indoor adventure facility that can be enjoyed throughout the year offering a wide range of fun activities such as caving, skate park, pump track, zip line, trampoline park, boulder wall and cable climb. Supervised by certified instructors, it’s suitable for all fitness levels making it the ideal adventure park for individuals, families, parties and events.

Climbing Pinnacle & Climbing Wall

The 9 meter high climbing pinnacle and the 6 meter high climbing wall resembles real rock faces. It features edges and pockets that are moulded off limestone cliffs in Bulgaria. There are 10 auto belays suitable from beginner to experienced climbers with 30 possible combinations to master.

Cable Climb Course

Designed to offer a varied amount of vertical challenge, this course offers both a physical and mental test

Low Ropes Course

For all our little adventurers, we have a fun and interactive low ropes course set at just ½ meter off the ground.

Themed Fun Walls

There are 12 fun walls – climbing auto-belays with an assortment of features such as climbing up a dinosaur skeleton, a castle façade, a quiz wall – warranting you to answer questions correctly to proceed, a giraffe, two techno walls, a fireman’s wall plus more.

Skate Park

The largest and the best in the region, it has five sections to it – a BMX area; a skate section; a large street section; and large bowl and a half pipe section.

Boulder Wall

It’s 3.5m high and has over 50 different routes of all levels of difficulty, ideal for all age groups and experience levels.

Trampoline Park

A first in the region, it’s a series of trampolines all connected together, surrounded by angled ones on the walls. Jump around the room and you are guaranteed to have a laugh and get fit at the same time.


A tunnel with 48 meter of twists and turns offering a fun and exciting replication of real caving. Perfect to educate, inspire and excite a new generation of subterranean explorers, all of this in a safe and controlled environment

Zip Line

With our 30 meter continuous closed loop zip line you can experience flying through the air. A great place for beginners where you experience the rush and freedom from the very first time of stepping off the platform all the way until you touch down

Adventure Cafe

The Adventure Café serving coffee, tea, cold drinks, hot food, sandwiches, salads and sweat treats. There is seating inside and outside for 40 people, free WIFI, magazines, newspapers. Great place for parents to relax whilst their kids are having fun.
(Available only in The Galleria Mall, Dubai)

The Lodge

The Lodge can accommodate up to 36 people, complete with a presentation screen, tables and chairs. A Great place for parties or group bookings.
(Available only in Dalma Mall & Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi)

Pricing and Packages

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